MONG Podcast 94 | Special Edition Interview with David Worth and All of the TGS!

In the most lovely of gaming podcasts Jordan, Myles and Adam were joined by the developer behind the upcoming title Lightbender, David Worth. They had a bit of chit-chat with David to talk about what he’s playing, what he’s doing with Lightbender and the titles he has made, such as Taken. You can find a link to the Lightbender Kickstarter below. Beyond that, the PlayStation TGS conference went down just a day ago and all the news was fresh in their minds! Join us for one of the most free-form episodes of MONG Podcast you’ll ever see! Especially when they have a little think-tank over the possible plans for The Last of Us 2.

Lightbender Kickstarter:

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Or watch the video version below!

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