Batman Arkham Knight Returning to PC

The much maligned PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight is returning to market on October 28th, 2015.

The game, which was originally released four months ago on June 23rd, 2015, was pulled from Steam and other PC platforms after numerous technical issues were discovered. The PC version, unlike the console versions, was made by external studio Iron Galaxy instead of the game’s developer, Rocksteady Studios.

Alongside the game, those who did buy the game and did not refund their purchase will be prompted to patch the game to be on par with the re-release. In addition, extra content that has been released for the console versions, excluding exclusives, will also be included, such as Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, an Arkham Asylum skin, and character selection in the combat AR challenges. A full list of the content is listed on the game’s Steam page.

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My Opinion:

This game has been marred by various issues since its release. Despite it receiving fairly positive reviews, that has been lost in the news about the game’s season pass, and, of course, the disastrous PC port. With the PC port now being released, hopefully with no issues, and the season pass wrapping up, the game can be looked at solely on its own merits.

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