Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bags $550 Million in 3 Days

When Activision calls, gamers answer.  The juggernaut franchise that is Call of Duty has generated massives sales for another year.  Within 72 hours of release, Call of Duty: Black Ops III has already grossed over $550 million in sales.  According to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, that makes it the biggest entertainment premiere this year in any medium.  Right now the game is tracking to be the sixth consecutive game to reach the $1 billion mark.

While it did not break the record for fastest selling in the series, it did achieve another milestone.  Black Ops 3 became the best selling digital full game release on the PS4 by first day sales.  Digitals sales as a whole have been robust, nearly doubling the amount of downloads from a year ago.

Not only are fans buying the title in droves, they are highly engaged in playing it.  Activision revealed gamers have played more than 75 million hours of Black Ops 3 online.  With the popularity of Call of Duty showing no signs of slowing down, it is no surprise that Activision Blizzard is looking to capitalize on it in other mediums.  The company recently announced the formation of Activision Blizzard Studios, aimed at developing its game franchises for film and television.


My Opinion:

I am not a Call of Duty player, but I continue to be impressed by the sheer number of sales the game generates.  With fans still eating up the franchise, it is no surprise Activision feeds their appetite each year with a new release.

Darius Purse is an Senior Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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