Street Fighter V Characters Cinematics Altered

Street Fighter V has several sexually provocative imagery in the game and it looks like Capcom has altered certain cinematics to tone this down.

Fighters Cammy, Chun-Li, and R. Mika have had several camera angles changed in their cinematics to be less provocative. Specifically, Cammy’s opening round cinematic has been altered to show less of her crotch when she lands on the ground and Chun-Li’s win cinematic has been changed with a higher camera angle at the end to show less of her lower torso.

R. Mika has the most changes as it affects her in game critical arts attack. At the beginning of the move, R. Mika slaps her behind in the starting cinematic. Before, the camera used to zoom in on her buttock, but now doesn’t even show it. Furthermore, the move used to end with both R. Mika and her partner Nadeshiko slamming the opponent down onto the ground head first with their behinds with each pulling the opponent’s legs so they do a split. The split has also been removed.

Capcom has not commented on the changes as of now. However, the fighting game community has, claiming that these changes are censoring the game. This has resulted in a petition on and a twitter hastag, #UncensorSFV. For a closer look at the changes, check out the video below created by YouTube channel Heroic Enemy:

My Opinion:

I’m of two minds to these changes. On one hand, I think these changes are good as the provocative imagery only panders to a lower common denominator who likes to look at female characters in only sexual ways. It’s fan service that has nothing to do with the game itself. On the other hand, it also doesn’t distract from the gameplay that drastically and what was here wasn’t really that bad. It was more silly than anything. The only change I genuinely dislike is the removal of the split at the end of R. Mika’s critical arts. That’s an actual wrestling move, albeit modified. Now the move is just two chicks slamming a person’s head down with their butts. Ultimately though, I don’t feel this is something substantial enough to be upset about.

Esteban Cuevas is an Associate Editor at Middle of Nowhere Gaming and in terms of female fighters, will probably be giving Karin a shot. You can follow him on Twitter, and check out his other work on WordPress.


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