Nintendo Launches Official eBay Store

Nintendo unveiled its Official Nintendo eBay Store. Over a month ago.

At the time of writing, the store has 33 items, mostly 3DS and Wii U games and consoles, along with some accessories and refurbished products. All items are included with free shipping.

The store does not have any auction options, only the “buy now” button. All prices are either at retail norm, or sales that match Nintendo’s online store. The eBay page has four reviews, all positive, the earliest being November 10 of this year. According to eBay, the page has been active since September 30, but there doesn’t appear to be anything put out by Nintendo themselves about it.

My Opinion:

The big question is: Why? Nintendo has made no effort to advertise the official store. Reports of it have just started surfacing the past two days thanks to this NintendoNews tweet. It offers no advantages over their official web store besides free shipping, and one has to wonder if that’s worth the cut eBay surely takes from each purchase. From what I can tell, it’s a very uncommon move for a company to have their own eBay page. Short of evolving the store with exclusive items or offering enticing sales, I don’t see the appeal, besides possibly drawing in a small audience from a niche that exclusively uses eBay. Even from those people, are they looking to buy new items at a retail price, or are they looking at deals on games of yesteryear? That said, Nintendo’s online store leaves a lot to be desired, and this could be a short term bandage.

Christian Glass is a MONG Associate Writer.  He vehemently hates Arby’s, and won’t tell you why. You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube

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