It appears as though Capcom is still doing what it does best: releasing ports of games that nobody remembers asking for. A listing for Resident Evil 6 recently popped up on the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee website. Details gleaned from these ratings suggest that the latest entry in the main Resident Evil series will soon be finding its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is far from absolute confirmation, although it wouldn’t be surprising.

This is nothing new, as Capcom has a long history of re-releasing entries from their more popular franchises, so long as they continue to sell. One needs only to look at the Street Fighter series for proof of that. In fact, they are currently working on a Resident Evil 2 HD remake after years of requests from fans.

My Opinion:

Resident Evil 6 is widely regarded by fans as the worst of the mainline RE games, so this move may seem puzzling at first. However, the game had great sales upon its initial launch, and the recent release of Resident Evil HD sold far above expectations. Bringing it to the current generation of consoles makes sense in that regard, though I suspect sales won’t be quite so pleasing this time around.

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer at MONG and an avid fan of the Survival Horror genre. When he isn’t lamenting the Hollywood blockbuster antics of Resident Evil 6, he can be found on Twitter.


  1. I really enjoyed Resident Evil 6. That being said I’m not sure I’ll be getting it again because I have it on PC and I don’t really use my Xbox One anymore for anything other then Madden. I can’t wait to play Resident Evil Zero again though. That’s my second favorite Resident Game.


    1. Personally, I enjoyed *aspects* of RE6. Leon’s story was great up until the never-ending, Final Fantasy-esque boss fight. I also liked Chris’ story as a whole (amnesia nonsense aside) because squad-based action is the natural evolution of his character. The rest of it, though… I didn’t find it enjoyable.

      I’ve bought every version of REmake to date, including the XBOne download, and I’m definitely buying it again on the Resident Evil Origins disc. Like you, I can’t wait to go through Zero again as well — especially with the new mode featuring Wesker!

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      1. Resident Evil 6 definitely had it’s downsides. You’re spot on with Lion’s Campaign. It was great until it refused to end with that final boss fight.

        Chris’s campaign was also great in my opinion and I even loved Jake’s campaign. Ada’s campaign was terrible though. Resident Evil 6 just tried to be too many things at once. Is it a Michael Bay film, a horror game, or a action game? Here’s to hoping that Resident Evil 7 goes back to it’s roots without killing the fun gameplay the series has now.


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