PS + You and Me | Helldivers Highlights

Did you miss the first episode of PS + You and Me? Don’t worry, we have all of the highlights for you in one convenient place. That’s right here.
PS + You and Me is a new Twitch show where select members of the Middle of Nowhere Gaming staff play a recent multiplayer-centric PlayStation Plus release for your amusement. This month, played Helldivers.

Check out how terrible Adam, Jordan, and Lucy are at this game. Also see how terrible Riley is in other ways…

Led by the Helldivers seasoned Sir Riley, the Helldivers n00b crew learns of love, friendship, democracy… and the occasional backstab.

The crew finds themselves on a bug infested planet, and they don’t know how to play the game.

With a successful start to their campaign, the Helldiver n00b crew decides to challenge themselves. Yes, this is a short highlight…

Treachery rears its ugly head. The Helldivers n00b crew learns to trust no one.

Distrust runs rampant among the Helldivers n00b crew. No one is safe, even from themselves.

The Helldivers n00b crew takes it to 11… because the game won’t let them take it to 12.

In an attempt to go out on top, the Helldivers n00b crew makes one last effort to meet new galactic denizens… Their bonds grow stronger, but are they strong enough to persevere against the Illuminate (Illuminati?) forces? Probably not.

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