MONG Podcast 114 | Who’s Your Best Friend?

This week has been a bit bombastic in terms of news and the MONG Podcast crew is here to cover the most interesting bits for you! From the announcement and release window of Pokemon Sun and Moon to the possibly leaked pre-order open date and price point of No Man’s Sky, we’ve got it all! Come give us a listen and enjoy the special edition 5th story you all got this week because Myles asked questions!

The Thought Out of Nowhere this week was a question of what/who your favorite pet and/or companion in a video game is? We definitely got some votes for expected characters and some less expected ones. Come check it out for yourself and tell us what friendly you couldn’t survive without in the comments!

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

If the video isn’t appearing, give it some time. Uploading to YouTube is a lengthy process.

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