Nintendo NX Releases Globally in March 2017

Rumors have been swirling around what exactly the Nintendo NX is and when it will launch.  Now major information on Nintendo’s next console has been revealed. Codenamed NX, Nintendo’s console will launch globally in March 2017.  The news was provided courtesy of Nintendo’s latest financial results.

No further details were revealed about the NX aside from the fact it will not be present at E3 in June and will be unveiled sometime later this year.


My Opinion:

I was hoping the console would be coming Holiday 2016.  At the least, I was hoping to see the NX revealed before or at E3 this year.  While it is a good decision to not rush the console to market, it will be another holiday gone by that Nintendo won’t be able to capitalize on in a big way.  Whenever the NX is revealed later this year, the company should make absolutely sure it is impressive.  With VR taking off and rumors of upgraded systems from both Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo needs to fight to remain in the mind share of gamers.

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