Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Six months ago Microsoft announced Call of Duty: Black Ops was coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility, and for six months gamers have been waiting. Today, the protracted saga ends.


Earlier today, Eurogamer spotted an image on the Xbox 360 dashboard  with the caption “COD: Black Ops – Now Plays on Xbox One.” Following the leak, the image was swiftly taken down — but not quickly enough. Soon, by the masses, Call of Duty fans were crawling out from the woodwork onto the internet — waiting for the inevitable announcement, and the end of the six month wait.

Only a couple hours later, and Microsoft announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops was available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility — bringing a May 17th Christmas to the COD community.

As expected, the game’s multiplayer will also work with Xbox One backwards compatibility and fully support all map packs. Players on the current-gen console will also be able to play with their long-lost brothers on the Xbox 360 as well.

It should be noted that the four add-on packs for Black Ops: First Strike, Escalation, Annihilation, and Rezurrection — are not included — and are still full price at $14.99 each.

Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops released November 9th, 2010. Upon release, it garnered a 87 (Xbox 360) on Metacritic.

My Opinion:

Call of Duty: Black Ops was the first Call of Duty game to rope me in. The result was the holiday season of 2010 being a blur of attack dog killstreaks. To this day, the original Black Ops is my favorite Call of Duty experience, and the only game (besides Black Ops II) to capture my attention for more than a weekend. That being said, besides to make it rain UAVs a few more times — I don’t see much reason for going back. However, I still expect more people to be playing Black Ops than Black Ops III tonight on Xbox One.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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