Ghost of a Tale Arrives for Early Access

The world can be a vast and dangerous place. That goes even more for those small in stature, like Tilo the mouse in Ghost of a Tale.

Now available via Early Access, Ghost of a Tale is an action RPG mixed with stealth and adventure elements. It follows the journey of Tilo, a small mouse and minstrel as he navigates his way through a dark, Medieval world. The world Tilo inhabits is filled with only animals, from rats and frogs, to crabs and spiders.

The game is largely the work of Lionel “Seith” Gallat who previously worked on films like The Road to El Dorado, Shark Tale, and The Lorax as an animator and Animation Director for Dreamworks and Universal Studios. He drew inspiration from movies like The Secret of NIMH and the Redwall book series for the setting and characters of the game.

The Early Access version of Ghost of a Tale can be purchased via Steam, GOG, or the official game site. It is currently 10% off running through August 1st. A full PC release is scheduled for 2016, with an Xbox One version arriving later. For a look at the game in action, watch the trailer below.



My Opinion:

Ghost of a Tale stands out to me for its impressive visuals and unique animal characters and setting. I can’t recall many games where you play as an animal, let alone a tiny mouse. Seeing Tilo run around in his little knight armor as he flees from the rampaging crab was the highlight of the trailer for me.

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