Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse gets DLC

Atlus USA has revealed the Downloadable Content plans for their new game for the 3DS, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

When the game is released on September 20, there will be day one DLC as well as more DLC that will arrive later on. There is quite a bit of content for you to choose from. You’ll need to be an Official Hunter before you can access these DLC, so if you buy them and can’t find it in the game, don’t freak out,

September 20

  • Asahi/Nizomi Set – $0.99 – Helmets based off characters from the game.
  • Green Pompadour – $0.99 – Have the same hair as Navarre, but only green.
  • Fall of Tokyo Promo Video – Free – A look at events that set up the game. Contains graphic content.
  • Earring Set – Free first week/$0.49 – Peace and Anarchy earrings redeemed from the eShop.
  • A GodSlayer Needs Levels – $2.99 – Grinding made easy. The player will get EXP items for faster leveling up. Recommended for those that reach the Fairy Forest.
  • Ranking Program 1 – Free – High-level demons from the DDS cards via StreetPass to power same demons in stock.

September 27

  • A GodSlayer Needs Demons – $1.99 – This challenge quest will allow you buy Demons quickly that are already trained.
  • A GodSlayer Needs Macca – $2.99 – This challenge quest will give you items to sell and rack up Macca.
  • Ranking Program 2 – Free – This is the same as Ranking Program 1, but this time it ranks up your Main Partners in the game.
  • Chiro Mask – $0.99 – This will give you a mask that looks like Hallelujah’s Partner, Chironnupu.
  • Avatar’s Hat – $0.99 – This will give you access to Krishna’s fedora.
  • A GodSlayer Needs Apps – $2.49 – This will let you grind out App Points. Recommended for those who reached the Fairy Forest.
  • Tokyo’s Past Set – Free – This will give you glasses, secret eye power seal, and a surgical mask.

October 4

  • The Inverted Pyramid – $1.99 – This will let you fuse Cleopatra after you defeated her. Recommended for those who have beaten or nearly beaten the game.
  • A GodSlayer Needs Jewels – $2.99 -This will help you grind out jewels so you can get powerful weapons.
  • Lore 1: Parallel Universes – Free – This is a new entry for the Hunter’s Database that will dive deeper into the game’s story. Keep in mind there are major spoilers for the game.
  • Explosive Epidemic in Mikado – $1.99 – Return to Mikado as you must solve a mystery with only limited number of moves. Recommended for players that are near completion, or have already completed the game.
  • A Trip to Hawaii – $2.49 – This will allow you to fuse Mephisto after you’ve beaten him in battle. Recommended for players that are near completion, or have already completed the game.
  • Lore 2: “Observation” Explained – Free – Same as Lore 1. It digs deeper into the story and there are major spoilers.

October 11

  • Depths of Twisted Tokyo – $1.49 – Obtain “Eternal Torus” to get to the lowest levels. Recommended for players that are near completion, or have already completed the game.
  • A GodSlayer Needs Items – $3.49 – This will let you grind out HP/MP as well as giving you stat-increasing items.
  • Level Cap Unlock – Free – This will unlock the level cap and let you exceed Level 100.
  • Messiahs in the Diamond Realm – $3.99 – A short side story that will let you fight alongside familiar characters, and fight an unexpected foe from other Shin Megami Tensei games. Recommended for those that is near or already completed the game.
  • Lore 3: Tokyo and Mikado History – Free – Same as the past two Lores, it delves deeper into the story and there will be major spoilers.

As with the DLC schedule, Atlus USA has also released a new trailer showcasing the demons and what you can do. This includes recruiting, fighting, fusing, talking, and negotiating with them. Everything that makes Shin Megami Tensei unique as a series.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse is releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on September 20th.

My Opinion:

All this type of DLC is par for the course for Atlus. So, none of this is new or completely shocking. Don’t be surprised if Persona 5 gets this type of DLC when it’s released early next year. I would love to get this game, but I might not get the chance to play it.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is going to start reading much more often.

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