3 Reasons to be Excited for Bound’s PS4 Release

It has been debated in the past if video games should be considered a work of art. As the medium progresses graphically and expands into new gameplay experiences, the traditional definitions of what is considered a game and what is not continue to be pushed. Bound, releasing in August for the PlayStation 4, is one such game that straddles the line. Here are three reasons why you should be excited for its release!


One of the things that immediately stands out in Bound is the movement of the ballerina character. The dance inspired movement is truly unique. Developer Plastic Studios brought in dancer Maria Udod and her choreographer Michal Adam Góral to create the expressive movement in the game. There is a certain playfulness and grace with the way the ballerina progresses through each level. The developers have reflected how they took inspiration from not only ballet, but modern jazz, figure skating, and gymnastics as well.

Simply watching the way she runs with outstretched arms and leaps, rolls, spins, cartwheels, and twirls her way through the environment is a marvel to see. Dance isn’t something you would normally think of as useful in a video game, but in Bound it appears to be a great asset.


A lot of discussion is given to story in video games, from the types of stories told, to limits of telling a story in such an interactive medium. Bound seeks to convey a mature story, with it being the most important element of the game. Not many details have been revealed on exactly what the story is, and perhaps that is for the best. What we do know is that it centers around a woman revisiting the memories of her childhood.

One of the interesting things shared about Bound from the developers, is that many of the themes present will resonate better with older gamers. How you reflect on the events that transpire can change based on experiences throughout your life. Like many forms of art, Bound can change and might possess a deeper meaning on a second playthrough at 35, compared to a first at 23.


The distinctive visuals of Bound are striking and immediately stand out compared to most titles on the marketplace. The Modern Art style has inspirations from Neoplasticism, Concretism, Suprematism, and the school of Bauhaus. There are even sections of Bound which are tributes to particular artists for the keen art aficionado to spot.

Seeing is believing, with pictures saying more than words ever could, so check out some amazing screenshots below and experience the world of Bound for yourself when it releases August 16th on the PS4.

Darius Purse is a Senior Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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