Xbox Onesie Revealed- Brings Convenience and Comfort to Australian Gamers

Have you ever been in a long gaming session and wanted something both comfortable and convenient to wear? Well wait no longer, as Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Onesie.

As of now the fashionable Xbox Onesie is only being made available in Australia for a limited time. Details are forthcoming on purchasing options, and one can only hope the Xbox Onesie will be coming to other regions. Check out the full list of features below:

– Enlarged pockets to fit your Xbox Controller and Media Remotes

– Arm pouch to offer quick and easy access to your mobile phone

– Roll-able legs and arms to cater for all temperatures and seasons

– Forearm grips to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments

– Extra-large hood to accommodate headsets for the ultimate gaming sessions

– Customised Gamertag embroidery


My Opinion:

As a grown man, I often find myself reminiscing on the comforts of my toddler wardrobe. Now Xbox Australia has provided a fashionable solution that accommodates my gaming lifestyle. I’m sure the Xbox Onesie will be a hot seller and convince Microsoft to bring the wonder product stateside.

Darius Purse is an Associate Editor at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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