Firewatch announced for Xbox One, getting new features

Campo Santo has announced that it’s early 2016 hit Firewatch is coming to Xbox One after being previously exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, the developer also announced a whole bunch of new bonuses/features coming to all platforms.

The game will be available for Xbox One players starting September 21st. On the same day, all versions of the game will be getting the Firewatch Audio Tour, which Campo Santo describes as, “one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop, mixed with a dash of inside Campo Santo goofs.”

In addition to the Audio Tour, Firewatch is also getting a free-roam mode, which will allow you to live in the Shoshone with a full day/night cycle, and explore a few hidden secrets.

Firewatch originally released on PC and PS4 earlier this year on February 9th. Upon release it garnered a 76 on Metacritic.

My Opinion:

Rejoice Xbox One gamers, you’re about to get one of the year’s best games.

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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