First Trailer Released For Resident Evil: Vendetta

Yesterday we shared the latest news and screenshots for Resident Evil: Vendetta, Capcom’s new CGI movie. Well, today a full trailer has appeared online.

Featuring Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Rebecca Chambers (not yet seen in any promotional material), Vendetta is said to be a sendup of the franchise’s roots in horror. Judging by the trailer, the overall tone certainly seems to be a bit darker than both Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation, the two previous CGI films.

Resident Evil: Vendetta will release in Japan come Spring, 2017 — though a release date has not been set for other countries.

My Opinion

The hype is real! The first two weren’t perfect, but are miles ahead of those live-action movies Paul W.S. Anderson likes to dump unto the world. This has the potential to be the best of them.  

Chris Cobb is an Associate Editor for MONG, and a diehard fan of supernatural tales, conspiracy theories, and horror games. Seek him out on Youtube or Twitter!

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