Tokyo Game Show 2016 Brings New Info, Screenshots for Resident Evil: Vendetta

The first two computer-generated, straight to home video Resident Evil movies were great fun and worthy additions to the canon of the video game series. Now a third one, Resident Evil: Vendetta, is set to premiere in 2017 — and there’s some information to share.

Firstly, Famitsu released an intriguing (but small!) screenshot featuring protagonists Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy in a familiar setting:


Next, Capcom released two clear (and thankfully large!) photos of both heroes to showcase their updated appearances, as well as a poster:




Lastly, we have a description of the trailer shown exclusively to those who attended Tokyo Game Show 2016! From Biohazard France, as translated by Rely On Horror:

The trailer starts by showing Leon in a morgue. We then see Chris and some of his BSAA troops arriving at the mansion seen in the recent scanned images from Famitsu. As expected when it comes to Resident Evil and mansions, zombies show up! This then leads to the appearance of a mysterious scientist. The BSAA soldiers are attacked by the zombies and we then see Chris standing near one of his dead comrades in front of a burning building.

Aside from the trailer, the production team also took some time to discuss the film. They wanted to bring the series back to its roots with Vendetta, hence the mansion in the woods setting, and the zombies. And while Rebecca hasn’t been shown yet, it was revealed that she would be older, in her late twenties.

The rest of us will get to see the trailer for ourselves on September 17th, while the film will release in Japan Spring 2017.

My Opinion:

The CGI movies Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation were both great treats for longtime fans, though they relied too much on action. While they were certainly better than the live-action “efforts,” I still look forward to seeing a more horror-driven film – and it’s great to hear Rebecca is returning, too!

Chris Cobb is an Associate Editor for MONG, and a diehard fan of supernatural tales, conspiracy theories, and horror games. Seek him out on Youtube or Twitter!

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