Paragon’s Halloween Event Begins October 11th


With Halloween right around the corner, PlayStation and Epic Games will be hosting a Paragon event where players can access cool new skins, but with a catch…

The Halloween Event, dubbed Shadow’s Eve, will be incorporating Twitch into this event. Over the next two weeks, from October 11th to 24th, players who link their Twitch account will have a chance to win up to six Shadow’s Eve skins simply by playing or streaming. Players can try and score these skins for free with this timeline:

October 11-17: Sweet Dreams Khaimera, Feline Queen Sparrow, and Mephisto Gideon
October 18-24: Skull-Bot Twinblast, Spider Witch Belica, and Franken-Grux.

Winners of these skins will be notified by The OfficialParagonBot either in the channel they are watching or within their own streaming channel.

If you didn’t snag these free skins during the timeframes above, players can purchase them at a discounted price all together from October 25th to November 6th. Players who won some, but not all, can purchase any individually as well.

My Opinion:
Hopefully this will draw some new players in. Clearly Epic Games wants more people talking about this game, but will this new wave of incorporation be enough to get the needle moving?

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