The Dark Side Seduces in Knights of the Eternal Throne Trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Knights of the Eternal Throne is the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware has released a new trailer titled “Betrayed” spotlighting its upcoming release.

Knights of the Eternal Throne is the sixth expansion for SWTOR and releases December 2nd. The story continues from the previous expansion and features two new gameplay features, as well as three subscriber rewards. It will be free to any premium player of the game.

The six minute trailer functions really well as a short movie, crafting a tale of joy, concern, seduction, compassion, and ultimately betrayal. Check it out below.



My Opinion:

I have no interest in SWTOR, MMORPG’s don’t appeal to me, but that trailer was brilliant. Forget about the game, I would love to watch a series from the creative forces behind the trailer with that production level. Without knowing the characters, it immediately sucked me into the story and featured a brief, but badass lightsaber battle. The electric hum of a lightsaber as it turns on is one of the coolest sound effects invented. I’m hoping Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game from Visceral will be the title to bring me back into the Star Wars gaming fold.

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