Call of Duty Black: Ops III Prequel Comics Writer Larry Hama Interview – NYCC 2016

During New York Comic Con 2016, I had the privilege of speaking to Larry Hama, the writer for the Call of Duty: Black Ops III prequel comics from Dark Horse Comics. As a veteran of comics, most notably with the G.I. Joe and Spider-Man franchises, Hama is all too familiar with the excitement and lifeblood of these conventions. Below is our interview with Larry Hama, discussing the Call of Duty franchise, gaming experience and potential for virtual reality:

There were a lot of locations in the comic from Russia to Tokyo. Were you able to visit any of the locations to draw inspiration?

I’ve been to all the locations. I’m familiar with Moscow, Poland, Tokyo

So did those experience help build the locations?

Oh yea sure, because they really gives you a chance to world build and choreography, especially with run action. I always hated in movies when, you know, they someone gets into the subway near like Fulton and then end up in Brooklyn, you know, (laughs)…

It’s like one of those things where you think “Yup, that doesn’t make any sense”.

It’s like that crosstown train in the Spider-Man movie, and you think, “what?” (laughs). So I tried to make it, I mean, I have a little OCD with it and I want it to make sense. And I like to have the action choreography move along the environment like the game theory where everything is going.

So with that game theory you mentioned, have you played any of the Black Ops games?

I’ve actually played the Black Ops games, and first person shooters. I haven’t really kept up with the hardware. The last thing I had was a PS2. I got to the end of a bunch games though (chuckles).

So what would you say is your favorite game, or favorite first person shooter?

I got to see and out of Raccoon City, (laughs), it took me quite a while and I used some cheats… and I liked the earlier Resident Evil games, and the game with demons, um, Doom!

There’s a new one, that you should absolutely try.

(both laughing)

Yea, yea. I know (laughs).

Speaking of video games and comics, have you ever thought of or explored the ideas of VR comics with the emergence of it? Companies like Mediafire are making their comics into virtual reality experiences. Has that been something anyone’s brought up?

No, I usually don’t pursue stuff, people usually call me up and say “Hey you’re our guy”. I actually went to Viacom and try out some of the virtual reality stuff and it’s pretty amazing. (emphasizes) Pretty amazing.

Do you remember which one you tried?

It was some sort of sci-fi game, upcoming spaceship scene. I think it was brand new. Really absorbing stuff that people should look into.

Awesome. Now with that, is there a franchise, video game or otherwise, that you’d like to write for? I know you mentioned that they usually call you, but if you could call someone, what would you like to do?

The more realistic the better. That’s why I like the Call of Duty stuff, it’s really gritty and great.

Well thank you very much Mr. Hama. I appreciate you taking the time to speak to Middle of Nowhere Gaming.

Thank you very much.

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