Why The Trail Is The Hottest New Game In The App Store

As most smartphone users know finding a fun, free to play game is not always easy to find. With an app store plagued with hopeless cash grabs and flappy bird rip offs, it can seem as if there’s hardly any innovative or creatively driven games. The Trail – A Frontier Journey from Peter Molyneux’s 22cans however has seemingly brought hope and innovation back to our pockets.

The Trail has taken the mobile game world by storm in recent weeks and sparked the inner frontier traveler in many of us. In The Trail you play as a brave traveler fresh off the seas, walking your way to Eden Falls. On the way you walk from camp to camp across beautifully designed environments such as the snowy tops of mountains, or creepy forests.the-trail-moutians


You have a certain amount of stamina to manage from camp to camp. Along the way you pick up supplies to complete quests, make clothes, and sell items to make money. You walk on the trail with fellow players from other countries that you buy and trade supplies with. Careful with what supplies you pick up though, you only have a certain amount of space in your bag to hold everything.


This little game takes an innovative and unique idea, and puts it eloquently into a mobile game. The Trail has beautiful visuals along with a soothing sound track. I found myself many times forgetting all about picking up items and staring at the vast mountains, hearing the soft music in my ears. It’s easy to understand with a simple premise, surviving the harsh trials the wilderness has to offer. The fast paced gameplay is enough to keep you on your toes trying to remember all the things you need to collect.

However as with all things in life there are a few downsides. At times I felt a little bombarded by the game trying to sell me in game currency, as well as many tech support issues. Many times if I got a text mid game or tried to do too many things at once, my game would crash. No doubt the tech issues will soon be patched however. Of course none of these issues are deal breakers half due to the wonderful game it is, and half due to it’s a free game.

The Trail is a free to play game available for IOS and Android

In conclusion this game is really showing us what mobile games were meant to be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a game to go play.

Jeremy LeLaCheur is an Associate Writer at MONG and excels at loving his mom and at video games with a dash of sarcasm and charisma.

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