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For Honor Review

For Honor brings honor to Ubisoft!

The past week I have been able to play more For Honor then you can shake a stick at. I was able to see its cracks and flaws, but I also saw it’s inner beauty and originality. If you’re debating if you want to pick it up or not, here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading For Honor Review


MONG’s guide to save money on gaming!

Gaming has sucked our wallets dry for years. From consoles, to games, to accessories, there is always money to be spent. I, like millions of others, have had this problem since the dawn of gaming! With anger in my heart and nothing in my wallet I consulted the Middle Of Nowhere Gaming crew and have compiled a guide to help save you every cent possible! Continue reading MONG’s guide to save money on gaming!

Games to be pumped for in 2017

One of the most exciting parts of the new year is looking forward to all the new games we get to play! 2016 treated us decently, however deep down I have a feeling 2017 is sneakily going to be one of the best years in gaming we have had in awhile. Continue reading Games to be pumped for in 2017