New Nintendo Switch Rumors Hint at Potential Launch Lineup

Rumors about Nintendo’s next console have been a constant source of discussion in the gaming community. As the Nintendo Switch approaches release, the rumors and speculation continues to trickle out with the latest being what games might arrive on day one of the Switch’s release.

The latest developments come via Laura Dale of LetsPlayVideoGames. According to her sources, the recent talks of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not launching release day with the Switch are true and the Wii U version of the game won’t release in March either. Instead both versions of the game will arrive later in 2017.

In brighter news, the Mario title first glimpsed during the Switch reveal trailer is scheduled to arrive on launch day. The game is reported to feature a “3D open world hub from which different worlds can be selected.” The game is also said to be more in line with Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, compared to Super Mario 3D World. A multiplayer component will allow players to experience the main game in co-op, working together to complete objectives. A demo of the new Mario is expected at Nintendo’s January event for the Switch.

Mario isn’t the only one making a splash on launch day, with talk that Splatoon will be a pack-in title “for the more expensive Switch SKU.” This enhanced version of Splatoon will feature new single and multiplayer modes and a stream of free content following launch.

Finally the Skyrim port seen in the reveal trailer is real, despite no official confirmation from Bethesda and will join Mario and Splatoon as launch games. This version of Skyrim is expected to have mods post launch, but like the PlayStation 4 mods “will be limited to mods using existing in-game assets.”

My Opinion:

The possibility of Nintendo bundling Splatoon with the Switch makes sense if they want to grow the franchise. They seem to want to push the local multiplayer capabilities of the Switch and Splatoon is a nice title to demonstrate that. Mario is going to sell no matter what, so they don’t really need to bundle it with the system. It also wouldn’t shock me if Zelda is indeed pushed to later in 2017.

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