MONG Plays Spider-Man – Episode 1

There were few decent superhero games in existence by the time the new millennium rolled around. That quickly changed when Neversoft released Spider-Man for the Sony PlayStation back in 2000. Now, one of our staff revisits this classic. 

In this exciting first episode, MONG Associate Editor Chris Cobb swings through the New York City skyline, beating up baddies and foiling a bank heist — while Stan Lee narrates!

Chris Cobb is an Associate Editor for MONG, and a diehard fan of supernatural tales, conspiracy theories, and horror games. Seek him out on Youtube or Twitter!

2 thoughts on “MONG Plays Spider-Man – Episode 1”

  1. Had this one on PC – they got the mechanics pretty much right with the wall-crawling, but it wouldn’t be until the Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in that the web-slinging felt spot-on.

    That said – despite having not played it in years, it still looks very playable!


    1. It definitely holds up remarkably well, though I’m sure nostalgia plays some part in that. It feels weird not to have control of the camera with the right thumbstick as in modern games, but it’s definitely still fun.

      …I just didn’t remember any of the “special” moves until later in the game. Oops.

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