Microsoft to unveil Project Scorpio This Thursday

2017 has already proven to be a big year for new hardware with the successful launch of the NIntendo Switch. However, Nintendo isn’t the only one releasing a new console this year, as Microsoft is expected to launch Project Scorpio later this holiday season, with the unveiling of the system happening this Thursday.

The unveil is happening sooner than most expected. Digital Foundry announced via Twitter they will provide an exclusive on Xbox Scorpio via Eurogamer this Thursday, April 6 at 2pm UK/6 am Pacific.

The Xbox Scorpio marks the next iteration in the Xbox brand this console generation, following the release of the Xbox One in October 2013 and the Xbox One S in August 2016. Microsoft promises the Scorpio will be the most powerful console upon release.

Credit: Gematsu


My Opinion:

The reveal is sooner than I expected, but a smart move by Microsoft. Digital Foundry is known for their technical expertise, so I expect the reveal to mostly focus on hardware and all the teraflops the Scorpio possesses. This should in turn pave the way for Microsoft’s E3 this year to be all about the games, which is what the company should be focusing on.

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