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Project Scorpio: Microsoft’s uninspired power play

After rampant speculation since E3 2016, Microsoft finally lifted the technical curtain on their anticipated new console; Project Scorpio. Packing an unprecedented level of power, the newest addition to the Xbox family will easily out-muscle its competition upon its release later this year. Eurogamer’s Oli Welsh put it nicely in his “Scorpio made simple” rundown of the monster machine. “It’s a far cry from Xbox One, Kinect and TVTVTV. It reminds us of the original Xbox and Xbox 360 – this is Microsoft throwing its considerable engineering resources at making the best possible games-playing machine. Xbox is back.”

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Microsoft to unveil Project Scorpio This Thursday

2017 has already proven to be a big year for new hardware with the successful launch of the NIntendo Switch. However, Nintendo isn’t the only one releasing a new console this year, as Microsoft is expected to launch Project Scorpio later this holiday season, with the unveiling of the system happening this Thursday. Continue reading Microsoft to unveil Project Scorpio This Thursday

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Officially Revealed- The Battle Begins This Summer

All powerful rings, ogre armies, screeching dragons, the great deceiver Sauron- Yes, it is time to return to Middle-earth with the announcement of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Continue reading Middle-earth: Shadow of War Officially Revealed- The Battle Begins This Summer

Dueling Outlooks: Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX is easily the year’s biggest gaming mystery. Speculation and theories have saturated message boards and news feeds in an attempt to uncover the secret to the company’s brand new gaming platform. And after the recent report by Eurogamer, seemingly everyone has an opinion.

The all but confirmed supposition that NX is a high-powered handheld device ripped through the internet when it broke last week. Since then we have had time to create opinions for ourselves as well as listen to the opinions of our favorite gaming personalities. When speaking of any big Nintendo news, two notions always crop to the surface; the news will save or sink the beloved developer.

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E3 2016 Picks

If I have to be honest about this year’s E3, I would have to say this was pretty underwhelming. Over the past few years we’ve had amazing announcements coming from both Microsoft and Sony, but this year it felt lackluster. Continue reading E3 2016 Picks

MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening

Spoilers: This is the one about E3. The crew goes over the vast majority of E3 news revealed during the conferences and talk about the hits and misses of each one (except for PC because that was hard to find (and no one watched it because we didn’t know there’d be games involved)) and give our opinions on the conferences over all. This one’s definitely great, folks. Continue reading MONG Podcast 126 | The E3-ening

Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap

For the past few years, Microsoft had very strong showings during E3. No more are the forced Kinect and the weird TV fixations. Now, it’s all about games, games, games. This year is no different. Unless said otherwise, all games that was shown during the conference is Xbox One/Windows 10 Exclusive. Continue reading Microsoft’s E3 Conference Recap