Resident Evil Film Franchise Rises From Grave With Reboot Plans

Much like the zombies in the game, the Resident Evil film franchise won’t stay dead for long.

Variety reports the Resident Evil film series is set for a reboot, with six films planned for this new installment in the series. Details remain scarce on what form the new movies will take, but what is known is that German production company Constantin Film will continue to produce the films.

The news comes not long after the seemingly end of the franchise with the now ironically titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. While that film released in January 2017 and only grossed around $26 million in the U.S., it proved to be a major hit overseas raking in over $285 million. It garnered particular success in China, grossing $160 million.


My Opinion:

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Resident Evil movies, the first is the only one I’ve seen in its entirety. I would hope with the reboot they would start fresh and go for a tone more in line with the horror aspects of the games. With Paul W.S. Anderson working on the Monster Hunter film, I would be surprised if either he or Milla Jovovich had any involvement with these new series of films.

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