Samurai Shodown V Special Brings Bloody Action to PS4 & Vita This Summer

SNK continues its tradition of bringing over classic fighting games to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, this time with the release of Samurai Shodown V Special.

The news was revealed on the PlayStation Blog and thankfully for fans the game will be released in its original, uncensored arcade form. Samurai Shodown V Special features Overkill moves in all their bloody and brutal glory. The PS4/PS Vita release will include online multiplayer, a Gallery mode, unlockable art, and trophy support.

Check out the teaser trailer below to get a taste of the bloody action in store when the game releases this summer.



My Opinion:

I wasn’t aware there was a Samurai Shodown game this violent, with bodies sliced in half and blood raining down from the sky. I have fond memories of playing Samurai Shodown on my SNES and this teaser has me looking forward to jumping back into the series.

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