Lincoln Clay Faces Crazy Cult in Latest Mafia III DLC “Sign of the Times”

Mafia III released October of last year and the developers have supported the game with DLC since launch. The third and final piece of story DLC “Sign of the Times”, now has a release date.

“Sign of the Times” releases July 25th and completes Mafia III’s season pass content. In this latest chapter Lincoln Clay must face a mysterious cult known as “The Ensanglante” as he comes to the aid of a young girl trying to escape the cult’s clutches.

The DLC story functions more as a psychological thriller with Lincoln Clay experiencing elements unlike anything else he’s seen before in New Bordeaux. Check out the video below for an inside look at “Sign of the Times.”



My Opinion:

I like the fact the developers are taking a different approach with each DLC. Crazy cults seem to be popping up in games recently with Outlast 2 and Far Cry 5 both featuring them as well.

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