Three New Seasons Announced From Telltale Games

In the Telltale Games summer update, three new established IP’s will be getting new seasons.

The second season of Batman: The Telltale Series, titled “The Enemy Within”, kicks off on August 8th with the first episode. The teaser trailer showcases John Doe (the character closely mirroring The Joker) and heavily hints at The Riddler joining the enemy ranks.

Next up is shockingly The Walking Dead: The Final Season in 2018. Though specifics were not hinted at in the announcement trailer, they did emphasize Clementine as the central pivotal character in the season.

Lastly, The Wolf Among Us is getting its second season in 2018! During the announcement trailer voice actors comically read various tweets from fans hoping for the sequel and the fans’ hopes are finally answered.

Check out the full Summer 2017 from Telltale Games here:

My Opinion:
I’m very excited that Batman is getting a second season so quickly since the first season and in just a few weeks we can start the season! The final season of The Walking Dead is time and FINALLY The Wolf Among Us second season ❤

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