Fear For Free – The Evil Within 2 Trial Now Available

The fall season for gaming is a big one with major releases closing out the year. Some titles are bound to get lost in the shuffle and The Evil Within 2 may have fallen victim to the rush of releases.

While the sequel garnered very positive reviews upon release, it debuted at #13 on the October NPD Charts (No digital sales were counted). For anyone who might have overlooked the title, Bethesda has made a free trial of The Evil Within 2 available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The trial grants access to the opening moments of the game, with save data carrying over if you purchase the full version.


My Opinion:

Horror games aren’t really my jam, but the positive reception had me curious to check out The Evil Within 2. The free trial is a great opportunity to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Fear For Free – The Evil Within 2 Trial Now Available”

  1. Hey Darius, just wanted to pop in and inform you and everyone else i’m still here, still reading, and still appreciate everything you guys do. Thanks for everything keep doing good work.

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