Eight Games We’re Excited to Play Again From Gen Con 2019

The first few days of August were full of fun and tabletop games at Gen Con, the largest tabletop convention in the U.S. Happily, we got our hands on dozens of games and here are eight we’re excited to play again very soon!

Bad Bones by Dude Games

Bad Bones is a fun tower-defense game where players need to defend their village and tower from an army of skeletons with various traps, beasts, and counter-measures. The exciting part we played was the notion that this can be played with as many players as there are boards. At one point we played up to 12 players strong, all the while trying to be the last tower standing.

Pandemic: Rapid Response by Z-Man Games

One of the latest games by Z-Man Games, Pandemic: Rapid Response is a race against time dice game to save the world from various natural disasters. Two to four players must work cooperatively to achieve this goal and work fast because there’s some strict time restrictions. When we played, we scrambled, panicked, and almost won despite our best efforts; regardless, we had a blast!

Patchwork Doodle by Lookout Games

Mixing in creativity with strategy, Patchwork Doodle, has players fill in a 9×9 grid with various Tetris-like figures and create the most efficient patchwork. The game was wonderfully chill and plenty fun, which has me excited to see what kind of creations we can create in another round.


Wakanda Forever by Spin Master

Playing as one of the 5 tribes of Wakanda, players must collaboratively work to defeat various villains, while also building and strategically using their hoard of Vibranium. It’s fun to see the wide myriad of enemies, some of which are so much of a deep cut, only few fans would know. I was pleasantly surprised by the simple gameplay motions with a more complexity of strategy, alliances, and possible betrayal.


Black Angel by Pearl Games

One of the most talked about games during Gen Con 2019, Black Angel is a beautiful stylized board and dice game. Humans have exhausted all the reasources on Earth and must take the most powerful spaceship, the Black Angel, to a new world where humanity can live again and prosper. Players play as individual AI programs to keep humanity alive while also maneuvering through the dangers of space. Though there are a lot of resource management and layered objectives, it’s very quick to be engrossed into the survival of humanity. Sadly, by the time I found this game to demo, they sold out for the convention, so it looks like I’ll have to start looking at stores soon!

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops by Catalyst Game Labs

Remember that Mayan prophecy where the world was going to end in 2012? Instead of the world ceasing to exist, in the Shadowrun universe, this event brought back magic into the world and reawakened dormant DNA to change some people into mystical creatures. If that idea hooks you, Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops leans into the world and blends it with a fantastic steam-punk approach. The dice-driven RPG allows players to build a crew, go on missions, and decide how they want to interact with the world. After a few rounds, I was hooked, and excited to play this game again soon.

Cerebria: The Inside World by Mindclash Games

The beautifully intriguing game, Cerebria, places players as spirits from one of two sides: Bliss and Gloom, the two opposing sides of human nature. The delightful art style, mixed with the subtleties of emotions, really captured my attention. Though the gameplay is very complex; layered with a wide variety of possible actions, I found myself entranced by the willingness to see all the emotions throughout the game.

Which games are YOU excited to play?!?

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