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That Dragon, Cancer Review


About halfway through That Dragon, Cancer, I came across a scene that was very solemn like most of the scenes before it. I explored the area, looking at handprints of children in a cancer ward until it opened up to reveal several greeting cards strewn around the room. I checked each one before leaving the room, revealing that the whole center was littered with them. Each card was different in tone, some positive and some negative, but all were about cancer patients. Some were survivors, some were still fighting – many had lost. It’s a powerful moment and as I started to read the cards in the bigger area, I started to cry. The sheer attrition from each card I read overwhelmed me. Even after I composed myself, I wound up crying again later. And yet, this is all completely optional. As soon as you enter the bigger area, you can very quickly see the way to leave this scene entirely. You don’t need to read all the cards, you don’t need to read any of them really; I didn’t have to cry. However, I was determined to read each and every card in that section. I refused to leave one card unread, one person ignored, and that’s what That Dragon, Cancer does so well. It makes you care, it gets you invested, and appeals solely to your emotions, for better or worse. Continue reading That Dragon, Cancer Review