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MONG Podcast 107 | How About Them Mini-Games?

Welcome to episode 108… 107 of the MONG Podcast. This week the crew covers the price of the Oculus Rift, is it too much? Will it be worth it? The return of Psychonauts and the re-release of the original onto the PS4 console. On top of that, Sony tried to trademark the term “Let’s Play,” what’s up with that? As the disembodied voice of the podcast, my opinion is that it’s kinda dirty and silly. Anyway, watch the podcast, hear the crew’s input and opinions, form your own opinions, have fun! Join us for the time of your podcast life! Especially when we get to talking about the mini-games we love… or hate! Continue reading MONG Podcast 107 | How About Them Mini-Games?