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Spiders Announces RPG Technomancer

Don’t worry, arachnids have not tossed their tiny water-droplet hats into the video game development ring. Spiders, the development team behind Bound By Flame, has just announced their next project, the sci-fi fantasy RPG Technomancer. Continue reading Spiders Announces RPG Technomancer

New Mass Effect Details Emerge from SDCC

New details about the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise emerged today from BioWare at SDCC. Revealed during the “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect” panel, BioWare showed what players can expect to be included within the next Mass Effect. Continue reading New Mass Effect Details Emerge from SDCC

Digging Up Sci-Fi Gems: Warzone 2100

Fridays are happy days. Waking up on Friday means that the school week or the work week is almost at an end and the weekend looms ahead like a billowy cumulus cloud, eager for some snuggles. Most people normally look forward to the weekend. For me, I spend my Fridays looking into the past. My gaze lands on great sci-fi games from back in the day. There are quite a bit of overlooked gems. Continue reading Digging Up Sci-Fi Gems: Warzone 2100