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The State of Twitch

Twitch has skyrocketed in popularity over the past 5 years. It is now known as the premier site if you want to watch an entertaining streamer play games, where you go to watch esports tournaments, or even chill out with some Bob Ross, Julia Child or even Power Rangers. Twitch even furthered its reach into our lives when it was bought up by Amazon and began offering even more incentives to hang out and indulging in the next step in games entertainment. Continue reading The State of Twitch

MONG Podcast 163 | Two Sides of Similar Coins

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Chris Cobb as they mull and converse over the most topical of news! They touch on the stories of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, Darksiders 3’s announcement, the details pertaining to the first Breath of the Wild DLC and so much more. They cover it all! Don’t forget the always hilarious, or relatively deep, Thought from Nowhere! Welcome to the MONG podcast, enjoy! Continue reading MONG Podcast 163 | Two Sides of Similar Coins

Twitch Already Taking a Page Out of YouTube’s Book

As many feared with Google purchasing Twitch, changes associated with YouTube are already being implemented on the streaming giant.  Some of the smaller changes have to do with saving videos on demand (VODs), which the Official Twitch Blog stated that the service would be removing the ability to keep videos forever. Continue reading Twitch Already Taking a Page Out of YouTube’s Book

Twitch Streaming Arriving for Titanfall

Just in time for the launch of Titanfall, Twitch streaming is coming to the Xbox One next month. Xbox One users can only watch streams currently, but after the update they will be able to not only stream with the service, but have the ability to hop into the broadcaster’s party during play.

Continue reading Twitch Streaming Arriving for Titanfall