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MONG Podcast 98 | Wait, Why Did I Need a Key?

This lovely Tuesday night the crew got together for episode 98 of the MONG Podcast. It was their time, their time down there to talk about a costco’s worth of topics spread across the News from Nowhere AND the Thought from Nowhere! They covered the looming voice actors strike as well as the release date of Campo Santo’s Firewatch and what little information CD Projekt Red is stringing us along with about their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 title. The thought from nowhere was video game tropes. Why did I need a key for the wooden door when I’ve got a bazooka? Wait, where are these infinitely spawning soldiers coming from? What exactly is bringing me back to life? All of these questions and more were asked! Join us! Continue reading MONG Podcast 98 | Wait, Why Did I Need a Key?