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Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2


Horror Month is here! While you may not gleam this little factoid by browsing my author tag, I love horror games. As the dark, chilly month of October rolls around every year, I find myself increasingly eager to play through titles filled with cheap scares, thought-provoking puzzles, and downright terrifying atmosphere. I’m sick like that. Thus, join me for another review — if you dare! Continue reading Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2

Top 10 PS4 & Xbox One Games

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been home to some bad games, some downright broken ones, and more remasters than you’ll ever know what to do with. It also has been home to many great games. This list is for those games. A scientific, inarguable top ten list brought to you by Middle of Nowhere Gaming’s Tyler Fischer and Chris Cobb. These aren’t  the “best games” they’re our favorite ones — but the list still remains irrefutable. Continue reading Top 10 PS4 & Xbox One Games

MONG Podcast 128 | But Wait! There’s More!

This week the crew got together to talk about movies. Not the whole time, but they did spend a few minutes talking about the new Ghostbusters and they might have had opinions you wouldn’t expect! They also introduced a new segment (that might be weekly… maybe) called Hideo Kojima Quote of the Show, or HKQOTS for short! Come one come all, join the MONG Podcast crew once more for another week of fun! Continue reading MONG Podcast 128 | But Wait! There’s More!

Jesse Webster’s Top 5 Game of the Year

2015 has come and gone and it has been the best year of gaming in a long time. Instead of dumping all the major games in a four month period, they were spread throughout the year. While some games are better than others, getting them into a list was much harder. Continue reading Jesse Webster’s Top 5 Game of the Year

Geekend Update 12/04/15

Weekends are meant for all things fun and in most of our cases, video games. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend! Continue reading Geekend Update 12/04/15

How Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Succeeded With New IP in 2015

It is no secret that popular entertainment is littered with an endless supply of remakes, reboots, reimaginings, and sequels.  Whether it be in movies, television, or videogames, companies often rely on the familiar when trying to attract an audience.  Investing millions of dollars into a product is a big risk, and despite outcry from some consumers about lack of originality, what often succeeds is something old and established.   Continue reading How Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Succeeded With New IP in 2015

Introducing Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys 1| Don’t Call it a Reboot!

Associate Editor Adam Leonard, and his partner in crime Chas King restart an old project with a bang! We present to you the Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys, a weekly pop culture podcast where  they discuss all things pop culture, whether it be video games, movies, television, comic books, or even professional wrestling.

Continue reading Introducing Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys 1| Don’t Call it a Reboot!

MONG Podcast 100 | The BIG One Hundred!

You read that right, folks! MONG Podcast is officially 100! The big 1 double-0 FINALLY landed and the crew couldn’t be more excited. On top of that, Myles is apologetic for his microphone possibly blasting your ears to timbuktu! He got a new headset and didn’t think to change some audio levels before the cast. He was too excited for episode 100! Join the crew as they talk about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the price drop of the PS4, the names of currencies around the world and as they take the mantle for number one customer service in retail stores podcast! You’ll notice that Lou Contaldi is back from the dead to join them for this most momentous of events! Free things were had, pacts were made and thongs were worn on eyes! If A Thought from Nowhere is your thing, you’re in for a treat as they covered three fan submissions in one podcast! It was epic and since you couldn’t be there, they hope you’ll enjoy this recording! Continue reading MONG Podcast 100 | The BIG One Hundred!