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This is Lou, your one and only Nintendo Ninja, and if you are reading this, whether you are a new or old fan, first and foremost: Thank You! Thanks to your patronage, we are looking to expand and bring more content, both written and video, over to you. But that brings us to the more important matter!

Have you ever wanted to try out gaming journalism? Want your own platform to spread your opinions on your favorite games? We are looking to bring on some new writers, editors, community managers, and content creators to help build the site. Continue reading

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Project Window Lets You Peek into Assassin’s Creed Unity

Do you love history lessons and Google Maps’ Streetview? Well boy is Ubisoft catering to you. This week Ubisoft launched “Project Window,” an interactive experience centered around the sights and sounds of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Continue reading


Wasteland 2 Review


The original Wasteland released over 25 years ago in 1988. To put that in perspective, that is five United States presidents, seven Olympics and six console generations ago. Perhaps the greatest legacy of the original game was the Fallout franchise. It was supposed to be Wasteland 2, but a feud with EA forced a name change. Finally we have a true sequel to the original game and a game that can proudly stand with the PC-RPG greats.

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