TowerFall Ascension Crashes on to PS4 and PC

TowerFall Ascension is hitting the PS4 and PC marketplace on March 11th. Ascension is an updated version of the original four player combat archery game that launched on the Ouya at release.

Ascension adds new maps and level variations to the game; bringing the total up to 120 unique arenas. It also adds on a completely new one to two player co-op quest mode along with  67 variations on it’s core gameplay, adding hours of replayability to the already addicting game.


The original version of the game was given an 9/10 by GameInformer, and ranked #3 on Polygon’s game of the year list last year.




My Opinion:

TowerFall was the only good thing that the Ouya had going for it. It was incredibly addictive and the mechanics were tight. Fact is, there aren’t many amazing same-screen co-op games out there and this one seems to be striving to be just that. They’ve added a lot to the original package here that’ll make this one worth your time come March….at least until inFAMOUS comes out.


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