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TowerFall: Dark World Expansion To Release Early 2015

TowerFall: Ascension is a neat little couch co-op downloadable title that dropped just over half a year ago. Its simplistic controls and visuals belie the true depth and difficulty that can be found in the game. Fans of the title will be happy to know that an expansion is set to drop early 2015 and it’s entitled TowerFall: Dark World. Continue reading TowerFall: Dark World Expansion To Release Early 2015

Towerfall Ascension Review

Towerfall is a terrific game and possibly the best game on the OUYA. Given that the platform is dying, developer Matt Thorson made the game ascend the OUYA by bringing it to PC and PlayStation 4 in the form of Towerfall Ascension. So, has this game successfully built itself up beyond the OUYA, or has it fallen so far from grace that it will die alongside the console that it was originally on?

Continue reading Towerfall Ascension Review