The Last Guardian is Still Coming

In an interview with Colin Moriarty of IGN, Product Development Head for Sony Scott Rohde said that The Last Guardian is still “absolutely in the mix” and will be released when it’s the best possible product it can be.

“When we see that the public is so interested in a specific game, of course that drives us to want to complete that game. But it also drives us to want to make it great. We would not want to ship that game if we don’t think it’s great” Rhode said of The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian is being developed exclusively for PlayStation by Team Ico, and has been since it was formally announced in 2009 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. In 2009, the game was supposed to have a 2011 release on the PlayStation 3, but its now 2014 and the PlayStation 3 is now “last-generation” technology.

Rhode would not give specifics on a release date or who else was involved with the game; he only confirmed that it would be coming out when it’s ready. “We’re trying to make the best thing we can out of The Last Guardian” he said.


My Opinion

I look at The Last Guardian thusly: I think a book on the “making of” this game would be more interesting than the actual game at this point, because the drama and issues involved in making development seem like they could be the video game equivalent of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. From delays to major heads of studio leaving the project, The Last Guardian’s development cycle has been nothing short of amazing, though sadly for all of the wrong reasons.

I wish Team Ico the best of luck in releasing this, even if luck has been the last thing on their side for the last three years.

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