New Speed Run Record For Ocarina Of Time

Ocarina of Time is revered for its many detours and side quests, but how long does the story take by itself?

Now for many people, including myself, nothing was more wondrous as a child than the wide open world of LoZ: Ocarina of Time. You could spend hours running through Hyrule Field but apparently even one hour is three times as long as it takes to beat the game. Just last March there was a record 18 minutes and 56 second run through of this memorable game.  This unprecedented time was set by Cosmo Wright, a man who just beat his own record over the weekend by 16 seconds. But this is disregarding all side missions and using glitches. There were, however, no cheats or tools used in this speed run. The only possible augment was the fact that Wright used a Chinese edition of the game which sped up dialogue. Honestly this is less time than it takes for me to even get out of the opening sequence. We can only wait and see what Wright chooses to breeze through next.

My Opinion:

Honestly, I think this is a great achievement for speed runners and gamers. Playing a game until you’ve honed it to this degree is quite a feat and we  should, as a community, try to at least give a view to the people who do this sort of thing everyday.

Brendan Jester is your friendly neighborhood Pokemon master.  You can follow him on Twitter for updates in his monotonousness life.

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