New Content Flys onto Peggle 2 on Xbox One

Xbox One owners who boot up Peggle 2 this week may have noticed a new update available for their game. PopCap has released a new update for Peggle 2 that includes a $1.99 DLC pack. Also included is a free colorblind mode which adds tiny icons to separate the differently colored pegs.

Windy the Peggle Master

The paid DLC adds other new features to the game, notably a new Peggle master: Windy. According to PopCap’s blog, she’s a new Peggle master with a Fairy Flock power. This power turns four random blue pegs into purple point multipliers.


People who buy the DLC also get Hallelujah Hollow, ten levels to challenge master Windy, ten new trials, and new costumes for the other masters. More optional objectives and Xbox Live achievements are also added, boosting the Gamerscore in the game to a possible 1225.

My Opinion:

This is a great way to keep a game like Peggle 2 fresh for the next couple of years. I gladly paid this price for more Peggle content. I would keep paying for new stuff, as long as the characters and their powers were fun. Peggle is a game with long legs that you can beat in a single weekend, but spend a year trying to get all of the little challenges mastered. These content packs simply tack on an extra month or two for me. Hopefully, if there are more DLC packs that are forthcoming, PopCap will offer a season pass.


Dustin LaRoe is one of MONG’s new writers. You can follow him at Twitter, Facebook, or IGN. His Gamertag and Steam ID are: Guy 105.


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