Watch_Dogs Season Pass Confirmed

Today, on their official YouTube channel, Ubisoft pulled the veil away on the leaked Watch_Dogs DLC information that surfaced earlier this month. It’s now been made official that the season pass is happening and what it will contain.


The season pass is planned to drop for $19.99 in the US, but Europe will have to wait and see just how much it’ll hit their wallets for. The DLC pack will give us access to new weapons, characters, outfits, and missions in the game. The first announced character and story DLC appears to be putting you into the shoes of Aiden’s friend (whom we’ve been introduced to in gameplay videos), T-Bone. It sounds like he’s got a bone to pick with someone and he’s going to handle it in an explosive manner.

A rather interesting piece of this news is the introduction of the “Conspiracy” DLC pack. The DLC adds a game mode which lets you tap your brain directly into the electronic ether and see cyborgs so you can hunt them down. The game mode is called Digital Trip and sets you into an alternative game world. The cyborgs look sufficiently unsettling (yet cool) and seem to act somewhat zombie-esque. If you wanna see them for yourself, check the DLC trailer out.

As usual, buying the season pass will alleviate some of the stress on your wallet, saving you 25% to be exact (assuming you buy all the DLC). One unusual boon is that being a pass holder will also allow you to get access to all these goodies a week earlier than everyone else.

My Opinion:

I’ve always been a little wary of DLC this early in the life cycle of a video game. I understand the logic of it, the process of getting a game to go gold can take some time and day one DLC is the stuff that someone might of put together between the beginnings of said process and the actual release. In my opinion it just seems like Watch_Dogs has quite a lot of stuff already. It also seems a bit strange to me when games have modes that you have to pay for. That kind of thing bothers me a bit.


Those little qualm aside, the DLC looks like it’ll be quality stuff. The new outfits look cool and it wouldn’t hurt the developers to give story to people other than Aiden. I’m excited for the game and this hasn’t dampened that excitement in the least.


Myles K Farrington is a new writer on the MONG team and a rather dapper fellow. Keep up with him over at IGN as well!

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