Crackdown Coming To Xbox One

During the Microsoft E3 press conference, David Jones, Co-creator of Crackdown on Xbox 360 announced that a new Crackdown will be released on the Xbox One.

Crackdown baddieIn the presentation, Jones commented on the features to expect in Crackdown on Xbox One: multiplayer, co-op gameplay and a new single player campaign. He then showed the trailer.

Crackdown hero


My Opinion:

Besides Halo, no other exclusives on the Xbox family of systems have captured my enthusiasm like Crackdown. I’m stoked that we will see a new Crackdown, and they brought in the co-creator of the first Crackdown. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.


Dustin LaRoe is pretty awful at games. If you want proof, watch him Twitch as Guy105.  His Gamertag and Steam ID are Guy 105.


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