Microsoft to Show Crackdown Gameplay at Gamescom

Microsoft is going to Gamescom, and Crackdown is coming with them.

In a recent tweet, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed that he has done a final review of the content headed to Gamescom, and he shouted out to Crackdown in particular.

Crackdown was first revealed at E3 2014, but little more has been heard since then. Crackdown missed E3 2015, so it’s expected that Microsoft will have a lot more to say about it next week at Gamescom. Keep checking here at MONG for more information on Crackdown as things develop next week.

My Opinion:

I enjoyed the original Crackdown game. The story was completely nonexistent, but the gameplay was fun, and the leveling system was a blast, providing plenty of different ways to fight crime. The game showed a kernel of brilliance that I knew could make for an amazing future game. It’s been years since then, and open world games have come a long way. I believe Crackdown has the potential to be a killer app for the Xbox One, and could send consoles flying off the shelves. I can’t wait to see some game play footage!

Adam Leonard is an Associate Editor with MONG. He also contributes to Creepy Kingdom. You can also find him on Twitter and IGN.

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