Editor Spotlight: Landon Luthi

It’s Tuesday again! That means it is time for this week’s Editor Spotlight!  This time our editor is Landon Luthi!  So check out his top 5 games here! What are your top 5 games?

Number 5: F-Zero GX/AX


One element that I really appreciate in a game is its difficulty.  Of course, it needs to have great gameplay too.  F-Zero GX does just that, giving you breakneck speeds with a ridiculous level of difficulty.  The game comes with a stellar soundtrack, one song for every character and one song for every course.  The graphics for this game were impressive, as the insane speeds rarely caused a loss of frame-rate.  F-Zero GX has an arcade counterpart called F-Zero AX, created by an alliance between Namco, Sega and Nintendo.  The same 30 racers from F-Zero X for the N64 were transferred to this section in the franchise.  F-Zero AX uses 10 characters which could be unlocked from sharing your GameCube memory card.  There is an additional option where you can unlock them by completing F-Zero GX’s story mode chapters on its hardest difficulty.  If you think that you are the biggest, badass gamer ever, then I dare you to complete this entire game on its most difficult setting.  (Personally, I beat all Grand Prix levels on the hardest difficulty, but failed to earn all characters.  I gave up trying after breaking my third Gamecube controller.)

F-Zero AX uses a virtual cabin which tilts when you turn your machine.  This version has all new tracks and characters which can be unlocked on F-Zero GX, with or without the arcade version.

I remember reading a story after the release of this game.  In Japan, it spawned many tournaments which later involved large amounts of prize money.  If I had the opportunity to make any game into an HD remake with online play, this is the one I would pick.


Number 4: Mega Man III


This games ending has forever eluded me. I have conquered Megaman X2 and X3, but still have yet to beat Megaman 3.  Megaman 2 was much easier than it’s sequel.  While I love Megaman 2, I think that 3 is the better game.  I prefer something that is challenging.  Most Megaman games are challenging, but Megaman 3 is by far the hardest of all NES Megaman games.

Some of my favorite pixel art involves Megaman bosses. The picture above is of the 8 difficult bastards that you have to take down…twice!!!


Number 3: Resident Evil 4


The PS1 was a great home for the first three Resident Evil games.  I played through all three of them, ultimately falling in love with Resident Evil 3.  I was as giddy as little child when I found out that a fourth installment of the series would become a Nintendo GameCube exclusive.  This amazing title by Capcom was a smash hit, eventually getting a port for the PS2 and then HD remakes for other systems.  RE:4 earned rave reviews all around and received many gaming awards.  I didn’t find RE:4 particularly frightening due to my past with Silent Hill, but it gave off an ambiance that I have yet to see be replicated by any other company to this day.  Recently, I purchased the remake of RE:4 on the Xbox 360.  It is still a great game when compared to modern day releases.  Hell, I still think that it is the best Resident Evil game to date.  If I were to label a runner-up Resident Evil game, it would be Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS.  (At this moment, you can purchase the Resident Evil: Revelations HD remake for about 66% off of its retail price.  The HD remake is available on Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and on PC.

These guys give you a hell of a time!  Look familiar?  Notice the likeness to Killer 7’s enemies?


Number 2: Grand Theft Auto 5


I didn’t care too much for the story of GTA 4.  Niko wasn’t exactly my favorite character from a GTA game.  While the story wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, the online mode was.  Rockstar did an amazing job with GTA 5.  The characters were exactly what I was looking for in a Grand Theft Auto game.  The online mode gives you the opportunity to build an empire with a single character, which can be very time consuming.  In my opinion, GTA 5’s replay value is second to none.


Number 1: DayZ: Arma 2 mod


Never in my life have I played a game that actually gives me an adrenaline rush.  Having that element of losing several hours of guns and food/water gives you paranoia of a whole new level.  If you were to die with an amazing sniper rifle, then you would lose it to whoever looted your body.  Permadeath gives you a reason to worry, continually looking over your shoulder. There are other variants added to the mod that you can download and try.  My personal favorite is DayZ Epoch, a different DayZ mod where you build a base to protect all of your equipment that you find.  If it were up to me, I would rename DayZ: Epoch to DayZ: Hoarders.


If you are looking for a game where you can be the biggest troll, then look for DayZ.  If you enjoy the thrill of camping over a town waiting for a fresh bambie spawn, then look no further.  Do you like stealing someone else’s entire day’s work all in the time span of 10 minutes?  DayZ allows you to be the biggest A-hole a person is meant to be, and is ten times more fun when played with a team.


So what are your top 5 games? Let us know in the comments below! 

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