MONG Podcast – Should Pokémon Come to PlayStation?

This week was CRAZY! Lou was fighting bears, Myles started crying on the podcast, and the team nerded out over Dragon Ball Z and the possibility of Pokémon on PlayStation consoles.

On this week’s episode the team talked about Tales of Zestiria, the Summer Steam Sale, Outlast on Xbox One, The Last of Us: Remastered, Mario Kart 8’s DLC, Metro Redux, The Witcher 3’s leaked documents, and Nintendo losing a lawsuit against Phillips.

After discussing what is going to happen to Nintendo after losing its battle against Phillips, we decided to talk about the possibility of Nintendo games moving to other platforms; specifically Pokémon to PlayStation consoles. What do you think about the idea? Would you welcome Pokémon on the Vita? Would it be a “system seller”? Do you think the improved graphics would make it a better game?

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

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