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This May Be The Most Depressing Model Kit Ever

Capcom has approved a slew of new Mega Man merchandise over the past year, but this model kit is by far the most depressing. Continue reading This May Be The Most Depressing Model Kit Ever


55 Video Game Funko Pops – NY Toy Fair 2017

With hundreds of Funko Pop figures showcased during the New York Toy Fair this year, a sizable amount of them were from video game franchises. From Overwatch, to Doom, and even Mass Effect: Andromeda – here are 55 figures in all their funko-fied glory!

Continue reading 55 Video Game Funko Pops – NY Toy Fair 2017

Top 5 Underrated Video Game Cartoons

Video games are awesome. Yeah, that’s a blanket statement — but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t agree on some level! That said, do you know what isn’t awesome? Video games adapted for other forms of media. Movies are notoriously hit or miss, but that’s a tired subject. No, the topic of today’s long-winded list is going to be cartoons based on video games — but more specifically, the diamonds in the rough that are frequently overlooked. Care to cast your eye on these hidden gems? Continue reading Top 5 Underrated Video Game Cartoons

Gaming’s Fiction Addiction: Mighty MegaMan

Rock blinks — his optical sensors readjusting to what lies ahead. His blue, dome-shaped helmet is cracked just above his right eye. The fingers of his right hand twitch, tiny servos whirring while gripping the left hand — currently in buster mode, formed into a cannon. Emitting a red light from the cannon’s maw, Rock charges as much energy as possible into the next blast… but as he blinks again, one thought occurs to him:

This must be what real fear is like. Continue reading Gaming’s Fiction Addiction: Mighty MegaMan


We all have that one game that we were beyond excited for, only to find out it was canceled. Perhaps it was never even announced, quietly snuffed out to be discovered later. This can happen for many reasons, from the sudden closure of its development studio, to the firing or resignation of a key member of the title in question. These games were doomed to never see release, but that doesn’t mean the concepts were bad. Today I’m going to talk about one such game, called Maverick Hunter, which never saw the light of day. Continue reading DIGITALLY DOOMED: MAVERICK HUNTER

Editor Spotlight: Landon Luthi

It’s Tuesday again! That means it is time for this week’s Editor Spotlight!  This time our editor is Landon Luthi!  So check out his top 5 games here! What are your top 5 games? Continue reading Editor Spotlight: Landon Luthi